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A general-purpose tree widget library for Tkinter. Version 1.0a2 released, Sept. 18, 2002

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[Screenshot] TreeWidgets have built-in                                  support for XML DOM objects and directory                                  trees, and are easily configured for                                   other data structures.


TreeWidgets is a Python-Tkinter library that provides general-purpose tree widgets. I decided to write it because I found that, though there are several Tkinter tree widgets available, the ones I have tried were all designed to work with one particular type of data structure, and were hard to adapt to other data structure.


In order to use TreeWidgets, you must have a working Python installation configured with Tkinter (the Python interface to the Tk GUI toolkit).

For more information about Python, visit the Python Language Web Site . For Tkinter documentation, please see An Introduction to Tkinter .


Documentation is currently minimal, but you can browse the README and related documents on line. API documentation and demos are included with the download package.


treewidgets-1.0a1.tar.gz (Gzipped Tar archive, 49kB)

trwd10a1.zip (ZIP archive, 65kB)

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