GIMP Stuff

I'm not a serious GIMP developer, but as a long-time user I occasionally come across things that need fixing, things that need explaining, and procedures that want to be automated.

Here's where I'll be putting GIMP scripts, brief tips, and patches if I ever write any.


Unless otherwise noted, all scripts are released under the BSD License. To use them, place them in your scripts directory (usually something like $HOME/.gimp-VERSION/scripts on Unix/Linux systems). If all goes well, the GIMP will find them at its next startup. Or if you already have the GIMP running, you can select from the main menu: Xtns -> Script-Fu -> Refresh Scripts.
The sample photographs displayed on this and related pages are copyright © by Matthew C. Gushee, with all rights reserved. Reproduction for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of the author.


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