Ocaml-GD 0.5

This is an interface to the GD graphics library for Ocaml.
It's used to make simple graphic images, usually in the png format.

The interface tends to follow the GD functions.

And unlike a lot of ocaml libraries, this uses it's OO features. It
also uses labels, though it should be possible to use it in code that
doesn't. It uses labels because many of the functions take many int
arguments, and the labels helps (Me, at least) to keep everything
straight. And if you forget the order, it's no big deal.

There's an image class, and color and font allocation classes, and a
color class.  Thus, drawing a red line might look like:

myimage#line ~x1:0 ~y1:0 ~x2:60 ~y2:30 myimage#colors#red

intead of

Gd.line myimage ~x1:0 ~y1:0 ~x2:60 ~y2:30 ( myimage)

See manual.txt and gd.mli for documentation.

Interlaced images
Reading and writing more image formats.