An OCaml interface to the GD graphics library, based on OCamlGD 0.7. Fifth alpha release, November 24, 2003.

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What is GD4O?

GD4O is an OCaml interface to the GD graphics library. It is based on OCamlGD 0.7, developed by Shawn Wagner. Since that package is not actively maintained at present--and, to the best of my knowledge, its author does not intend to continue working on it--I decided to take up development.

The goal of this project is to provide a complete and up-to-date interface to GD. The current version is very incomplete, but may be usable for very simple graphics.

System Requirements


GD4O has so far only been tested on Linux. It may or may not function on Windows; however, the default installation procedure uses Findlib, which is POSIX-only. So in order to install on Windows, you will likely have to modify the build and installation process.



GD4O is open source software, released under the terms of the Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL).



Please send questions, suggestions, and bug reports to matt(at)gushee(dot)net. Logo

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