TODO for Bantam 0.4

~  The priority of an enhancement is indicated by 1, 2, 3, or C.       ~
~  Priority-1 enhancements can generally be expected to be imple-      ~
~  mented within the next 1-3 releases. C means 'continuous', i.e.     ~
~  there is a need for continuous improvements--starting soon but      ~
~  continuing through many release cycles.                             ~ 

<001 Support default actions for all file types >  2
  A default action should be invoked when the user presses the Return
  key. Currently this only works for directories.

<002 Create the Workbench >  1
  The workbench is a panel that stores selected filenames from any
  number of directories; these files can then be operated on as a group.

<003 Support arbitrary shell commands >  1
  [requires 005]

<004 Support more file types >  C
  - Default type for empty files: text/plain?

<007 Menus for shift-* commands >  2
  [Q: should these be popups or perhaps lists that get packed in the
   directory panels?]

<008 Uninstall script >  3

<009 File search >  2
  [requires 005]
  [Q: what kind of search? incremental, regexp, or ...?]

<012 Image support in internal file viewer >  3
  But we have to support common image types such as JPEG, PNG, and TIFF,
  not just the Tk-supported formats.

<013 Automated trash-emptying >  2
  [Q: How often? Should we try deleting or preserving files based on
   filename patterns or other characteristics?]

<014 Archive viewing >  3
  Or maybe just archive *info* viewing. An MC-like TAR VFS would be a
  nice feature, but maybe a tall order to implement at this early stage.

<015 Remote directory access >  3
  FTP, SFTP, DAV? ....

<016 Error recovery >  C
  An error on one file operation should never hinder other, unrelated

<019 Filtering >  2
  [may require 005]

<020 Font setting in user preferences >  2
  Implemented; now make it work.

<021 File info display > 1
  The current plan is to create a mini-status-bar at the bottom of each
  directory panel to show info about the selected file. There will be a
  (user-configurable) property, e.g. size, that will be displayed by
  default, and the [i] key will cycle the display of various properties.

<022 Recognize ~ for home directory > 2