Known problems in Bantam version 0.4

~  This document is called PROBLEMS rather than BUGS because it is     ~
~  meant to encompass questions about interface design and desirable   ~
~  features in addition to bugs in the code.                           ~

<008 Mouse does nothing. >
  It's unclear what the mouse should do, but it seems reasonable to add 
  some intuitive actions such as changing to a new directory when the user
  clicks on its name.

<014 Directory panel loses focus after changing directory. >

<015 Microdialog sometimes extends beyond right edge of panel. >
  Maybe just when view panel is showing?

<016 trash_file may fail on naming conflict. >
  A file can't be moved to the trash directory if a directory with the
  same name already exists there.

<017 TeX files identified as application/tex? >

<018 Display not updated when directory contents changes. >
  E.g. when new_file/new_directory command is invoked.

<020 Can't change out of a directory that has been deleted. >
  Probably due to the fact that Bantam calculates directories relative
  to the current directory.