Update, July 6, 2006: Version 0.4.1 fixes a bug that caused Bantam to use all available CPU time when running in daemon mode.
Update, June 28, 2006: Bantam is back! Development ground to a halt last year as I found myself spending countless hours working around the limitations of the Tk GUI toolkit. But I've finally ported it to GTK. The feature set for version 0.4 is mostly the same as 0.3, but now that the big GUI issue is resolved, upcoming versions should feature many improvements.
Download version 0.4.1 now: [ Linux binary | Source ]


Bantam is a new file manager for POSIX systems ("Unix-like" systems, including Linux) with X11. It is not for everyone, but is intended to be highly productive for people who know their way around the file system and are comfortable with keyboard commands. I created it because I needed a better file manager. Most existing file managers are either too heavy with icons, buttons, and other eye candy, or are handicapped by slavish adherence to conventions like the 2-panel design (in a GUI environment, why have a fixed number of panels?).

Bantam tries to combine some of the best qualities of programs like Midnight Commander (MC) and Simple File Manager (SFM), without being exactly like any of them. Important features include:


Bantam should be considered Alpha software. While it is somewhat usable, many important features are unimplemented, and there are significant bugs.


Linux binary:


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How to Contribute

First of all, questions, comments, and bug reports are welcome! Please try to be as specific as possible. If you wish to contribute patches, even better. There are several points you should be aware of before contributing, however:

All correspondence about Bantam should be addressed to matt(at)gushee(dot)net. Please include the word "Bantam" in your subject line.

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