Hong Kong

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Hong Kong on Christmas Eve is worth visiting at least once. The lights are unequalled, the hordes of young women in mini-skirted Santa suits are amazingly cute . . . and if you've had enough to drink you can forget for a while that it's all dedicated to the God of Money.
Update: Beijing has declared Christmas lights to be a form of meddling in China's internal affairs. ;-)
Hong Kong 1
Hong Kong 2 The world looks a little different from Victoria Peak. Get up out of the neon fever, and you see that--surprise, surprise! all around you is one of the most beautiful spots on earth.
One of the best meals I've ever eaten was in this Vietnamese-style sidewalk cafe in Causeway Bay. The cook (at left in the photo) dumps a bunch of rice and chicken in a clay pot and blasts it with a gas burner . . . giving you plenty of time to sip beer and work up an appetite. Finally, the dish is delivered red-hot from the stove. Hong Kong 3
Hong Kong 4 "How much did you say your rent was??!"