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Hangzhou 2 These party boats are one of the best things about China. They're especially popular for the Mid-Autumn festival, when everybody goes out on the lake to get drunk and look at the moon.
Well, I looked out the bathroom window, and I liked what I saw. Guess I have a thing for old falling-down brick houses. Hangzhou 2
Hangzhou 3 Karaoke, anyone?
Well, hmm ... there was supposed to be something here. Hangzhou 4
Hangzhou 5 The aesthetic indulgence of the sky reflected in still water.
This is apparently the place to get a pair of glasses in Hangzhou. Hangzhou 6
Hangzhou 7 One of the best experiences of my trip. I was waiting for the bus to go up to Longjing, Hangzhou's most reknowned tea plantation, when this lady and her sister-in-law happened along and we started talking. I wound up going to their house, where they fed me lunch and sold me a big bag of tea.